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Our Team

We at Dwell Maison share a love for flawless finishes and meticulously executed craft. We combine a passion for perfection with a hunger for excellence that is reflected in each and every piece of wood we cut, every piece of metal we weld, and every piece of canvas we sew.
Whether we’re partnering with you for one of our stock offerings, or you’re commissioning us for a bespoke glamping tent or tiny home, rest assured that we’ll commit every measure of our skills, experience and devotion to your project.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards.
Expect the best.
Material Pleasures

Wood | Metal | Fabric | Glass

Working with any one of these materials would simply be a trade; having the opportunity to build with all of them is what drives us.
We temper essential modern manufacturing techniques with traditional carpentry and joinery to produce the finest hand-built tiny homes, glamping, camping, and safari tents.
Our materials include sustainable sourced Redwood, Ipe, Cedars, & Lodgepole Pines, Metal selections include carbon steels as well as stainless steels for traditional and marine environments. Fabrics begin with naturally fire resistant Tencate & Sattler offerings.
Custom material selections are available for our bespoke assignments.
Laying The Foundation


The initial seeds for Dwell Maison were sown in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, in the shadows of Red & Aspen mountains. With its abundant natural beauty, and strong custom building traditions, the valley and surrounding mountain ranges provided us fertile ground onto which we combined our love of the great outdoors with our passion for all things well-built.
With every year that passes, our artisans hone their carpentry, joinery, metalworking, & sewing 
skills. WE combine combine those skills with a love of design to bring you the most beautiful and well-built tiny homes and luxury glamping tents available anywhere in the world.


Choose from one of our stock offerings or commision a bespoke dwelling.
Whether you’re looking for a glamping tent for the whole family, a luxury tent that doubles as a backyard office, a tiny second home in the forest, a safari tent, or a cabana enclosure for a pool, we have a solution.
Can't decide? Work with us to come up with a custom design/build. We love special projects.
  • Office Layout
  • Single Bedroom Layout
  • Double Bedroom Layout
  • Living Room Layout
  • Spartan Layout
personal space

Space Planning

Start with a blank slate, or choose from one of our stock floorplans.
  • Office
  • Single Bedroom
  • Double Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Spartan
Can't decide? work with our in-house team to develop a one-of-a-kind design.

Interior Design

How will you use your space?
Want to make your own impression? We have some of the most skilled and talented interior designers, ready to help you at each stage of the process.

From the drafting table to the factory floor...

Quality is a habit....