Metal Fabrication


Adam is our guy for all things metal - whether you need it cut, fit, welded or finished - stainless, alumiinum, or carbon steel, we 'got a guy'.
All of our glamping, camping and safari tents use our patented metal plate connection details to support and reinforce our wood members.
Laser cut and hand welded to tight tolerances, Adam’s metal is the glue that holds it all together.
Patterns & Stitches


Before any bolt of fabric makes it to the production floor, Jae’s approved the pattern and the stitching details.
All of our glamping, camping and safari tents incorporate both an inner and outer canvas. The outer layer keeps you dry, while the inner layer keeps you comfortable. Bringing all of this together requires both technical expertise as well as an eye for the aesthetic.


If you build it, they will come...

...but if you want them to stay, it needs to look good and be well built!
Making sure that the same person who designs our glamping tents and tiny homes is the same person that builds the prototypes is the best way to ensure that good looks translate to well-built. Tirelessly working through iterations, improvements and modifications, Scott doesn’t rest until the job is done.
Interior Design


In charge of all-things-aesthetic, Runa is our ‘go-to’ for all of our interior design concerns.
If you’re looking for a custom designed interior for one of our luxury glamping, camping, or safari tents, Runa will be happy to assist with a phases of the design, from fabric to furnishings.

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