origin story

Made in the USA

Dwell Maison works only with the finest sustainable and natural building materials.
Our foundational building materials include sustainably harvested woods, stainless/carbon steels, and naturally fire-resistant fabrics. We complement those materials with modern and innovative interior finishes such as acid etched and back-painted glass, solid surfaces, quartz, and laminates.
Combining rugged mountain modern exteriors with luxuriously appointed interiors is the essence of our glamping experience.
Means & Methods


It all begins with collaboration.
From our design department, to the artisans who craft the final product, on over to our crating and packaging department. Every member of Dwell Maison’s team is an integral part of each and every glamping, safari, and camping tent we build.
We’ve worked tirelessly to combine traditional woodworking practice with modern and innovative manufacturing methods. The result is a truly unique, hand-crafted environment that's built to last.
  • Western Red Cedar Post
  • Lodgepole Pine Round Post
  • Northern Cedar Post
  • Redwood Post
Sustainably Sourced timber


Our stock palette of sustainably sourced wood selections include:
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Northern Cedar
  • Lodgepole Pine
  • Redwood
  • Ipe
Custom sourcing of specialty woods is available.


We bring decades of experience sewing sails, and tent canvases to every stitch we sew. Meticulous attention to detail ensures durability and water resistance without while our expert patterns and details ensure next level good looks.
Our Glamping tent fabrics options include:
  • Sattler Textiles
  • Tencate Outdoor
Naturally fire resistant, our tent canvases require no further chemical coatings.
  • Dwell Maison Luxury Glamping Camping Tents Fabric Selections 1
  • Dwell Maison Luxury Glamping Camping Tents Fabric Selections 2
  • Steel Reinforcing Plate
  • Round Post Metal Connection Detail
Strength in Steel


Each one of our glamping tents and tiny homes incorporates a custom fabricated and patented metal connection detail between every piece of wood. Maximum strength and longevity at every joint.
Our stock metal selections include:
  • Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
Welded to precise tolerances by our own metal craftsmen.
Nuts & Bolts


Our glamping tents and tiny homes are held together with 100% stainless steel fasteners.
Available finishes include:
  • Unfinished
  • Black Oxide
Stainless steel grades include # 304 & # 316
  • Black Oxide Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
interior cabinets & built-ins

Wood Veneer

We’ve curated a select palette of our favorite wood veneers for finishing both our stock and custom glamping tent interior cabinetry.
At Dwell Maison, you have the option of having us design, fabricate and supply millwork specifically designed for our luxury camping tents. Areas of focus include kitchen units, living room, and bedroom built-ins.
interior cabinets & built-ins


Durablity that doesn't compromise aesthetics.
Our attention to detail doesn’t end with our luxury glamping tents' exterior, but continues inside, to each room in your tent.

All of our kitchen, bath, living room, and bedroom built-ins are custom made with both quality and durability in mind.
  • Steel Reinforcing Plate
  • Round Post Metal Connection Detail
interior accents


We’re uncompromising when it comes to the final finishes.
Our backpainted glass is the perfect accent for our kitchen backsplashes, cabinet fronts & bathroom walls. When you’re looking to add a contemporary accent to your glamping, camping, or safari tent, consider our backpainted glass with either an acid-etched or clear face.

Substance & Style